Bespoke Marketing Campaigns

Our Marketing Campaigns are completely bespoke and designed with different goals in mind, but mainly for increasing sales on existing products or services in the market. Other reasons include new product launch, building a brand image and even reducing the impact of negative news. Deciding on a campaign's goal usually determines how much marketing is needed and what media are most effective.

Phase 1

Your brief should give us enough information about your project, but to achieve this we need to understand what your overall goal is? Below is a list of projects we've accomplished illustrating our wide range of abilities.

Phase 2

The list above shows just a few of the recent projects, we love the challenge of a new job but this also requires collaboration with our clients to make each campaign successful. It starts with planning, design, timings that are carefully planned, by a project team, to achieve your particular aim.

For a successful outcome you must first put yourself in your customer's shoes and get a feel for how the end result might look. We often get too technical with product launches, it's the concept we're selling not necessarily the detail unless you're a brand like Apple and releasing the latest iPhone. It may require some form of market research, again just depends on the activity.

Marketing efficiency is important as there are constantly new digital channels and tools emerging and shifting, and there have been dramatic changes in how customers learn about, and buy, products and services. At CMB agency we always look at getting the best value for your money (ROI) using the latest techniques.

Phase 3

It's now time for Product Launch and monitor the initial results. Set the date, make sure you've enough time for all the different aspects to be ready and everyone involved is aware.

From the early analytic results many campaigns can be adjusted to fulfill your goal, may just be a change to the targeted prospect.

If the campaign is proving to be sucessful, then never change a "Winning Formula" until it's ran out of steam. Build upon the success, as so many companies achieve their goal then try something new without fulfilling its potential.

Phase 4

The result - is the reason for the campaign so It's important that both sales and marketing align their goals for the business to succeed. Need to compare the churn and growth rates to determine if there was an overall growth or loss on this project. Misaligned teams produce meaningless results that do not lead to sustainable growth, even though both departments are looking for qualified leads.