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A strong social media presence will help to establish your brand as an industry leader and to attract and convert new clients. Let's dig in!


Social Media

Everyone talks about social media, but not many people actually realise how this all integrates and gels the other parts of your marketing together. Social Media is free and can general organic traffic/clicks to your website, but this will take time and money as there is a cost to developing the media & videos to post on the social media sites.
It is often given to the apprentice as they know more about this subject than anybody else in the office, but they do not understand your brand and your customers. Imagine if they created a post which damaged your brand, or even worse created a marketing campaign like the Hoover diabolical and bankrupted the business.

Our advise is to use an expert and it will eventually pay dividends!

These is no doubt organic traffic is on the decrease because of these two factors; 1.) Social platforms are trying to reduce the saturation of company posts/advertising on everyone's main feed 2.) Social media giants want you to pay for your posts.

Contact CMB for our packages, for most clients we create content, analyse keywords/competitors, blogs for your website, increase SEO, backlinks to your website, increase organic traffic, followers on social media platforms and much more. Recently we've integrated our telephone follow-up service or lead generation as many will call it which means for a monthly charge can include a mixture of our services.

The banner below shows how a typical social media post can benefit a businesses/organisation or in this case a local artist by a recommendation.

Social Media

I first saw Nikki Petherick at May Morning in Oxford. Sending a post to let my friends know about her?

I like promoting local artists on my facebook page and gaining likes, it's amazing how strong Social Media Campaigns can be!

First, CMB will review and analyse your current social media campaigns - then LETS get to know your organisation.

"Every business has their story, lets promote this and
use the voice of your brand to sell your
services and products."

See how CMB will build and grow your audience


Exciting times, launching our new concept later today!!!

Lets share this post.


Lets post your business activities to all your social media accounts.

We’ll grow your business through connectivity not just postings.

Which Social Media platforms to use?



#Facebook has 1 billion daily active users and has long been the standard for social media marketing. A great place to start for brand awareness and online selling.



#Twitter is best for B2B, but limits your posts to 140 characters. More than 320 million individuals every month, works well if you're an established brand or celebrity.



#Linkedin users tend to be educated and experienced so it's important to add professional quality of content, as they're more likely to read and engage.

Google +

Google +

#Google+ is much different than other social networks, yet it's continuing to grow its user base and the best part is your content is immediately indexed by Google.

The ability to build an online connection to customers or clients is quickly becoming one of the most highly demanded skills in the job market. A digital marketing executive is typically responsible for engaging a brand with customers or clients via the digital space, aiming to establish and manage the online presence.