In today's technical age CMB agency provides great "Responsive" websites which makes them available to all different type of platforms & devices. Some website developers describe your websites as your shop window, this couldn't be any further from the truth. We agree you need a modern looking and informative responsive website that reflects your brand but that's why the comparison stops. Except for small cheap purchases, most prospective clients take their time to ponder over purchasing, reviewing your site for clues so the more informative you make it the more chance they'll buy from you.

Our PROMOTIONAL VIDEO'S are a great way to introduce your site, can be used for website banners or any other area that makes an impact. Ideal to use for your social media marketing and link back to your site. The image and music is licenced to you so can be used many times anywhere.

The CMB design team can develop your website to be responsive, fresh and modern looking at a reasonable price. We offer package deals for companies that prefer to pay a monthly fee, details shown below.



Why Use Us?

All our sites are developed from the same platform, which includes a content management system (CMS) so you'll have access to make your own changes and even add pages and blogs, or simply let us do this for you together with the latest updates.

The platform to build your online store, add products, change prices, take card payments, allow repeat orders and much more. Please call our team to discuss your requirements as there are many options available depending on the complexity of your product line-up


It's imperative for your website to be responsive, gone our the days of only producing full size websites or alternative mobile sites. Your website needs to work on TV screens, computers, laptops, Ipad's and mobile phones. The simple way to test to see if your website is responsive is to move your mouse cursors and reduce your screen size. If all the content reduces in proportion then that's responsive, if the content goes missing it's not.


Our team is a combination of graphic designers and web designers so you'll get the best of both worlds. Today's websites are much more clean looking, working with a mixture of light colour backgrounds, images to the full width of the screen, bold and clear fonts, brand colours throughout the site.

Website Design
Add Infographics

This Info graph shows how we calculate our website costs:

Designers often use it to explain complex things in a simple way, it is a visual representation of information and perfect for many websites.

For many years infographics could be found in magazines, brochures and other printed materials, but now it’s becoming a part of the digital world.

164 hrs



This can be a minefield, but we offer this service on our Cloud VPS servers for our annual charge of £68 pa plus vat. Means the site will run quickly, much better than the shared-servers for a low monthly cost. For this price we'll manage you email accounts too, adding or removing names as required or add forwarding.


CMB Digital builds bespoke websites for customers in the Uk and Ireland. From community sites, local government, businesses, shops, restaurants and much more but first we'll review your brief to make sure we're the perfect match for this project.

Our costs are simple based on the following:

Most clients provide starting content and images, we can use stock images and provide content if required.